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ah, i like your photo! (:

Posted by digitalivory on Dec 21, 08 6:06 pm · History

i really don't care what you think. if you didn't think it was useful, then why'd you click on it in the first place? doesn't make sense if all you're doing is clicking something just to say that it was stupid.

Posted by rawrxmeaghan on Dec 12, 08 1:37 am · History

I thought you were older. Your 13?

Posted by LadyLBlack on Dec 9, 08 10:46 pm · History

Hey, how are you? I love your profile pick very well done.

Posted by LadyLBlack on Dec 5, 08 12:26 pm · History

Yes, I am gay lol. Couldn't you tell from the picture?

Posted by dilligrout on Nov 22, 08 11:37 am · History

cynthia??? from unraveled words?? i didnt know you were here in createblog.

Posted by goth-nina on Oct 24, 08 3:15 pm · History

your tutorials help alot[:

Posted by instantclassic on Sep 24, 08 5:09 pm · History

Hey, I wanna know where do you get the Hayley Williams pictures for you're tutorials?

Posted by SceneRocket on Aug 31, 08 10:43 am · History

I know whatyou mean.
California is hot.
I start wednesday :|

Posted by SaturdayRiot on Aug 24, 08 12:27 am · History

Thats cool :D
So, how was your summer?

Posted by SaturdayRiot on Aug 21, 08 8:04 pm · History

Ah, i dont think so, no.
But I have seen your site i believe.
So whats up? :)

Posted by SaturdayRiot on Aug 20, 08 3:19 pm · History

Hello, how are you :)

Posted by SaturdayRiot on Aug 18, 08 7:57 pm · History

Hahaha. Why hello there. :)
I love you song.
It makes me want to dance. lol

Posted by manny-the-dino on Aug 18, 08 12:39 am · History

ahh i love that picture of kevin !

Posted by briannabottom on Aug 16, 08 9:46 pm · History

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